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How my pain became my greatest mission: Why MyLumper?

by Akmann Van-Mary 01 Nov.

I love writing about trucking and technology, but lately readers have been filling our Inbox with questions about the company – So here’s a bit more about us.

Day and night across the United States, tens of thousands of trucking dispatchers repeatedly get the same phone call from their drivers

“Hey Dispatch, I need an express-code…” Whether it’s for a fuel advance or lumper payments, the calls are frequent and the need for funds to be covered quickly is always of high importance. In order for the shippers, carriers and 3PL’s to handle the high volume of calls, they must either maintain a 24-hour call center, or the owner of the smaller shipping companies has to personally answer these calls – no matter what time of day/night they come in.

I suffered this firsthand and have been woken up many times throughout the night during my 10 years as an owner of a 3rd party logistics company. I felt that the current system was severely inefficient and costing the industry a lot time and money.

I couldn’t bare it any longer and that is why I left to build MyLumper.   With MyLumper, we have developed a digital payment network that eliminates the need for around the clock calls or outsourced call centers. It also reduces docked time for the drivers, and minimizes fraud risk for the shippers.

Though I have almost two decades of experience working in the industry, I wanted to be sure that we fully understood the problem and its root-cause in order to build the right solution for all parties involved. Several steps aided us in our progress this past year:

  1. As a company, we joined the Flashpoint program at Georgia Tech, which enabled us to conduct a tremendous amount of studies with Drivers, Shippers, 3PL and Lumper companies of all sizes.
  2. We spent countless hours working with lumper companies and various warehouse employees to understand the intricacies of their day-to-day activities. From the dockworkers to the accounting managers, we sought to clearly understand how we could add value to their daily lives.
  3. Thanks to companies like Petro, we were able to have great access to a large pool of drivers, allowing us to listen and understand why they have such disdain for the current system.
  4. We also interviewed a great number of shippers from various backgrounds. From the Fortune 50 style companies, down to the guy with just six trucks – ensuring that we didn’t just build a one-sided system that only benefited a select few. We also knew we needed something that helped all shippers become legally compliant in regards to 49 U.S. Code § 14103 – Loading and unloading motor vehicles the end, the solution that we’ve created is something that we can be proud of; knowing that the struggles I went through and so many others still face, is no longer the only option. The trucking world today is growing by leaps and bounds – and we are proud to bring this technology to a very well deserving industry.

Special thanks to Petro

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