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The Many Benefits of a Lumper

by Akmann Van-Mary 01 Feb.

We often visualize the typical journey our household goods take from the shipper to the receiver, by way of truck or semi, crossing one state line and another until the truck pulls into the final loading docks. But what happens then? Few people outside the trucking industry know about the tireless job of The Lumper.

This isn’t a job for the faint of heart, as they hold the ability to keep the supply chain in motion and enable the drivers to get back on the road with ease. The lumper takes the seemingly endless loads of pallets out of the trucks and is knowledgeable about sorting and checking in products with speed and accuracy. They also remove dwelling time, offering the receiver significant savings and reduce the typical warehouse errors

Most warehouses will hire lumper service companies as subcontractors and avoid using their own employees to do the grunt work, as it can be a bit dangerous at times. Manual labor has its liabilities and is quite taxing on the physical body. These men and women are trained to perform under pressure, which is essential because a trucker’s time is a very valuable commodity. Loading, unloading, making sure each pallet has the correct quantity of goods in perfect sellable quality. There was a recent campaign that went viral, asking Americans to ‘Thank a Trucker’ for all the products we use each day. Why not a lumper as well?


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