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It’s a Great Time to be in Trucking

by Akmann Van-Mary 01 Jul.

This is a great time to be in trucking – though if you’ve been in this industry as long as I have, you will feel as if companies like Amazon, Uber and others are a bit late to the party.   I mean this in the sense that people nowadays are much more aware of the value of logistics and supply chain in general.  It used be that you would order a special product and wait patiently for either FedEx or UPS to schedule the delivery.   Now our shopping lives have evolved in such a way that everything from the furniture in our kids’ rooms, to all the food in the refrigerator are easily parts of our modern, on-demand delivery life.   Want laundry detergent? There’s a new Dash Button for that.   Need it today? Go check your front door; it’s likely already there.   All thanks to an ever-evolving industry with diligent engineers and truck drivers moving them along.

More than ever, companies are making greater efforts to not only consistently hire new drivers, but to do what it takes to keep them onboard as well.    At the last Connected Fleet USA conference, I had the honor of being on the discussion panel for this very subject of driver retention. I took the time to discuss the value of new payment technology – as that’s where we as a company are striving to do our part in remaining meaningful to some very large fleets in the industry. By providing a way for their drivers to issue easy and instant payments throughout their trips, whether it is for a lumper fee or a repair and so fourth, our hope is that this innovation will allow for safer and less stressful conditions for the men and women hauling loads each day.

Logistics is one those sectors where the phrase ‘better late than never’ does not apply, except in the case of improving the technology in the space itself.  We are to see that the door is now wide open for companies to bring their brightest minds to solve the challenging needs of the trucking industry and we personally couldn’t be more excited to be a part the solution.

The next time you put on that new shirt, watch your kids play with their favorite toys or bite into that apple – please remember the warehouse workers, the lumpers and the truckers whose jobs exist to make sure that you’re never disappointed when you reach up into the shelf to pick up that special item on your shopping list.

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